Newsflash – Bristol given 7th place in this year’s Stonewall Education Equality Index

You may have heard the excellent news that Bristol City Council came 7th place in this year’s Stonewall Education Equality Index. This is a fantastic recognition of all the hard work that has taken place this year, driven forward by Bristol City Council with invaluable contributions key partner colleagues such as Bristol LGBT Education Workers.

The following is an extract from a letter of thanks to the steering group of the Education Champions programme which inclues Bristol LGBT Education Workers. CYPS refers to Bristol City Council Children and Young People’s Services.

As we embark upon our second year of the Stonewall Education
Champions programme, it feels like an ideal moment to reflect on our
achievements over the last year:

  • A time-limited cross-Council & inter-agency stakeholder working
    group was set up to drive and support LGB equality development work within
    CYPS and local schools;
  • Correspondence and resource packs have been sent to all Bristolschools to
    encourage and support them in developing their work on LGBT History month;
  • There is increased awareness in schools of Bristol CYPS reporting
    and recording harassment procedures (including Homophobic incidents).
    Reporting harassment guidance is now online and will be updated following
    the issue of updated duties for schools in the Equality Act 2010. A
    briefing session for schools was held in May on reporting harassment and
    the new equality duty – this was attended by 10 schools;
  • LGB issues in relation to anti-bullying have now been embedded into
    mainstream CYPS strategies and policies – this is now a core priority
    within Bristol’s
    Children’s and Young Peoples Plan;
  • Schemes of work have been sent out to all secondary schools to
    enable and support them to include sexual orientation and lesbian, gay and
    bisexual issues within the curriculum, including issues of sexuality,
    sexual orientation and diversity in relationships. The scheme of work
    ‘Lifelines’ is used in primary schools and includes a lesson on homophobia
    stereotypes, relationships and diversity of same- sex parents.
  • There was very positive feedback from schools and young people following
    the Sir Ian Mckellan visit. As a result of this visit, a CYPS Stonewall
    Education Young People’s group has been established with 20 students from Fairfield School,
    City Academy,
    Merchants Academy
    and Brunel Academy. The aim of this group is
    for the young people to be trained by Stonewall and CYPS staff to empower
    them to deliver training and/or steer initiatives with young people and
    schools. This work is being progressed with the support of Stonewall.
  • We are in the process of creating an equality and community
    cohesion web site for schools to aid them in becoming more self servicing
    in relation to their equalities and diversity policies and practices. This
    website will include all elements of work on LGBT.
  • We are continuing to work with other public, voluntary and the
    private sector services to tackle bullying and harassment in local
    schools. The CYPS Equalities and Community Cohesion Manager is a
    representative on the Bristol Strategic Partnership Against Hate Crime and
    Bristol’s Tension Monitoring Group. CYPS contributes schools data on homophobic incidents to a shared multi-agency database.

Congratulations to everyone involved – every small effort has helped us achieve this! And there is still more to be done!.. more information at our next meeting and on this blog soon.


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General resources for schools


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Hello world!

Welcome to the new online home of Bristol LGBT Education Workers!

Now that Summer is behind us, and Autumn term is under our belts, Bristol LGBT Education Workers (and Nicolette and Nat’s cakes) are back!

Check the ‘Meetings and Networking’ page to find out about our next meeting…


Bristol Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender Education Workers

Who is the group for?

Bristol LGBT Education Workers is a welcoming, self organised group for any LGBT person working in education.

What is the group for?

  • To improve how LGBT lives are discussed, represented and protected in education
  • To share experiences
  • To offer support
  • To share best practice, tips and strategies
  • As a starting point for campaigning in Bristol education settings

Current projects include: producing a list of web resources for Bristol City Council’s website; organising a mentoring scheme to support schools to lead best practice on LGBT issues; working alongside Bristol Children and Young People’s Services to make Bristol a Stonewall Education Champion

( ).

When are where does the group meet?

We have an active online community. We also meet in person once a term, in schools and other educational settings across Bristol.

Interested? Email for an invite to our online community and for details of our meetings and activities.


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