Need resources to create inclusive learning centres? To celebrate and promote diversity? To celebrate Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender History Month? To tackle homophobia and transphobia?

Here’s where you’ll find all the resources we, all people who work in education, have created ourselves, plus some links to great websites where you’ll find even more.

You can add yours by emailing it to:

Lesson Activities:

Homophobic_language  – includes word cards plus comprehensive notes, and photo cards of current famous and important LGBT people

Famous_lgbt_photos  and famous_lgbt_names  – Match up activity. Match up the photos of famous people from history with their names. Good springboard for further LGBT History Month activities.

quiz_music – Made in 2010 -features famous LGBT celebs/musicians


LGBT_definitions  (sourced from LGBT community websites)



lgbthm_wedding – powerpoint includes class quiz ‘what is a lesbian?’ etc and headteacher’s pledge – asks whole school community to make sure it is friendly and welcoming to LGBT people.


LGBT booklist for primary school

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