Bristol Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender Education Workers

 Who is the group for?

Bristol LGBT Education Workers is a welcoming, self organised group for any LGBT person working in education.

What is the group for?

  • To improve how LGBT lives are discussed, represented and protected in education
  • To share experiences
  • To offer support
  • To share best practice, tips and strategies
  • As a starting point for campaigning in Bristol education settings

 Current projects include: producing a list of web resources for Bristol City Council’s website; organising a mentoring scheme to support schools to lead best practice on LGBT issues; working alongside Bristol Children and Young People’s Services to make Bristol a Stonewall Education Champion

( http://www.stonewall.org.uk/education_for_all/about_us/1727.asp ).

When are where does the group meet?

We have an active online community. We also meet in person once a term, in schools and other educational settings across Bristol.

 Interested? Email bristollgbteducation@yahoo.co.uk for an invite to our online community and for details of our meetings and activities, or see the Meetings and Networking Page on this blog.

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